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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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we have got breaking news to tell you about in montgomery county. firefighter are on the scene of a house fire, and boy this is what is left of the home on aspendale court, and the fire started in the garage and spread quickly through the house. there's good news in all of this. the family got out safely, and no one was hurt. no word yet on what caused the fire. thank you for joining us. i'm bruce johnson. >> and i'm lesli foster. a dangerous suspect is in police custody, want
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and more in prince george's county. the target? women walking alone. the robberies started in early january, and they ended just last week. >> and police are still working to identify the incidents, and this thus far, the majority of the thefts were focused in northwest and northeast dc. ell circumstances n barber is live at police headquarters with the latest. >> reporter: the victims of the crimes are all different ages, races, and they have one thing in common. they are all women. >> the women are more vulnerable, and walking down the streets, you get more comments, and you never know what people are capable of. >> reporter: for 23 months, police say -- -- carjacking and then if the victim resisted, there
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force used. >> reporter: in one robbery, an 81-year-old woman parked in front of her house and started to head inside. on the way, police documents said she stopped to pick up the tree limbs scattered on the sidewalk in front of her home. that's when the man came up and grabbed the woman, knocking her to the ground. the man ran to the car where another person was behind the wheel, waiting. according to documents, the 81- year-old hit her head and injured her back in another incident, strickland and his accomplice tried to steal a woman's purse, but she held on to it. the incident report says they started to punch and kick her, and then they got in the car, and the woman kept holding on to her purse, and they drove away, dragging her several yards. police say one robbery was at an elementary school when a woman picked up her granddaughter. >> you never know who is around the corner. >> reporter: for women we spoke to, stories like these will not
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valuable reminder for everyone. >> be as vigilant as you possibly can be without being a afraid. >> even after one drink, after 9:00 at night, i don't walk by myself. i'm definitely taking uber. >> reporter: police say the investigation is still ongoing, and they anticipate making additional arrests, and reporting live at police headquarters, i'm ellison barber, wusa 9. the crimes are not limited to dc. strickland and his accomplices committed at least seven crimes in dc, and they are working to identify other robberies with this group. the republican presidential candidates in what could be the final debate with four candidates on stage. the florida and ohio primaries could radically alter the race, and it was the last best chance to reach voters on tv before the contests. garrett haake is following it
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were there fireworks? we didn't see them. >> reporter: they came a little bit late, but last week's debate was a civil war, and this was just plain civil, almost quiet. the first 30 minutes in, the front runner even remarked on it himself. >> we all in this together. we are going to come up with solutions and find the answers to things, and so far i cannot believe how civil it has been up here. [ applause ] >> reporter: in the departure from the recent norm, the first hour focused on poll sis as the moderator pressed marco rubio on the social security change. >> i'm against any changes to social security that are bad for my mother, and we don't have to make changes for them, but anyone who says it can stay the way it is, they are lying. >> reporter: they pushed donald trump to explain how someone who
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will do something about it as president. >> i use them, but frankly we shouldn't be allowed to. they are very, very bad. >> reporter: we have to get past the rhetoric of china bad, and how do you solve the problem? this solution would hurt the jobs and hurt hard-working taxpayers in america. >> reporter: the most interesting moment of the night came when trump refused to back away from his recent statement that islam hates us and accused his opponents of being overly politically correct. >> there's entrem doushate. large portions of a group of people, islam. large portions want to use very, very harsh means. >> i'm not interested in being politically correct. i'm interested in being correct. >>
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sharper as other candidates started to target trump, but they didn't do anything to damage him, but he will reset the media story tomorrow when he is expected to be endorsed by dr. ben carson in florida. >> reporter: garrett haake, wusa 9. the donald trump campaign is denying the reports part of their team roughed up a reporter. >> it allegedly happened tuesday at a trump campaign event in jupiter, florida. fields said she did not see who grabbed her, but ben terrace witnessed it and said it was a member of trump's staff. a man
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donald trump's appearance today was being escorted out and one of trump's supporters punched him. an investigation has been launched as to how the incident was handled. the council on american islamic relations wants donald trump to apologize for what they deem an antimuslim remark in an interview last night trump said "i think islam hates us." >> donald trump has moved from proposing the unconstitutional ban on all muslims from entering the united states to now attacking the islamic faith. >> group called on trump to apologize to the families of muslims who have died serving in the u.s. military and to the muslim fights now fighting extremists overseas. trouble at one of the biggest charity organizations for veterans. the board of directors at the wounded warrior project
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fired the two top executives. now americans donate hundreds millions of dollars to this charity each year, and cbs news found the wounded warrior project spends 40% to 50% of that money on overhead which includes lavish parties, and other veteran charities have costs about 10% to 15%. another spring-like day out there, and we hope you have gotten out there to enjoy it. >> there's changes on the way as we head out to the weekend. right out to topper shutt for the possible showers overnight. >> reporter: you can see the flag waving behind me. the wind to the cold front. the showers are well to the north of us, up into pennsylvania, and also now, just entering western maryland, and for the most part f a good chance of showers into haggerstown, and down to frederick, but for the most part it will move through dry through the overnight and early morning hours, and now the futurecast, and this is early in the morning, and the
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60s. i stopped it here because there's showers. 3:30 or 4:00. look what happens. by 6:00, it generally moves through dry, and i mean a lot of clouds, yes, showers across prince george's county, and really not worthy of the yellow alert. most of you will have a dry and mild commute. we will talk about how much cooler air is behind the front. download our app. it's free you. can get all of this free on the smart phone. you can get the radar, 7-day, and the 3-degree guarantee we will have in a minute. >> top, we will see you then. six people have die in the shooting massacre near pittsburgh. >> one of the five adults shot to death was eight months pregnant, and the medical examiner has ruled the death of her fetus also a homicide. two men opened fire on a group of friends and relatives in wilsonburg, and those gunmen are now on the loose.
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motive. the district attorney describes the attack as planned, calculated, and evil. a makeshift tent city used by homeless people near union station is now gone. city workers and advocates bagged up the belongings and tossed some out. the people living there had been given notice, and the city called the area illegal and unsanitary. >> if you're going to be out here, keep your area clean, you know? and probably, they would probably let us stay out here if we had kept it clean. >> reporter: advocates are working to find sheller and service -- shelter and services for the people who were calling this home. the city hall says it's part of the mayor's plan to find long- term housing for the 7,000 people who are
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an accident in the 5,000 block of yorkville road, with a tree striking a worker in the head, killing him. the man's name has not been released. in montgomery county, three banks robbed in 15 minutes, and police said it was the work of one man, and he's behind bars. the first bank hit was a suntrust on connecticut avenue, and then a capital one down the road, and then a bb & t bank, and bank customers were pretty much speechless that one person could pull off something like that. >> i am just flabbergasted, and i'm worried about my security, and i come to a bank that is being robbed. >> reporter: the suspect was later arrested by prince george's county police, and they say a police sergeant walked out of a glenarden restaurant and spotted a car that matched the description, and within minutes, he was in handcuffs. new cell phone apps to grace periods where you will not be charged, metro is trying to improve their image
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tracking metro tonight, and there's good news to report. >> there's a few new programs to try to improve the battered image. mola lenghi is live to explain. mola? >> reporter: bruce, you know, it's no secret, metro has an image problem, and that's something they are working on. soon they will roll out a few new features to help them get back in the good graces of their customers. >> reporter: you walk into a metro
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$2.15s to enter, and you quickly realize you're not going to enter. bottom line, you changed your mind. >> you should not have to pay for a service you're not using. if you walk in and you're not going anywhere, you should not have to pay if you're going to leave. >> reporter: once you enter, you do have to pay. the riders will leave the same station within 15 minutes of entering without being charged. the entrance fee will be put back on the smart trip card. >> i think it's good. we have the advantage to customers. >> i have certainly run afoul to that in the past, gone out, gone in, and had to pay. honestly with all the problems metro has had, i just don't think this will be enough. >> reporter: ultimately metro's image starts and stops with one thing. >> reliability, 100%. no more cracked tracks, and trains that run on time. you know what happens in other parts of
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too. >> it's worth it. it's horrible. it's always late. >> reporter: the new policy will cost metro $200,000 per month, but metro rider and watchdog, chris barnes does not see that as a loss for the agency. >> i see it as riders have been overcharged $200,000 a month for who knows how long. there's another effort to save riders time and money, and metro continues to work on reliability. >> reporter: again, that new 15 minute grace period policy does not begin until july 1st, and there's a few months there. the bus eta app is in the testing phase, but you can download it and use it now. live, i'm mola lenghi.
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guests were welcomed with a red carpet ceremony including dignitaries and politics, and among them sarah borales and grant hill who is married to tamia, and michael j. fox with his wife who is a dual canada- s. citizen, and fox was asked what he thought of the prime minister. >> wish i could tell you what he said, but we couldn't hear it either. we will make it up! boy this is a lot of fun, and i'm happy to be here. president obama and michelle obama coming out on the steps of the white house to welcome prime minister justin trudeau and
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they all supposed for pictures before going inside. they were all wearing canadian designers tonight, and then of course after that, the dinner and the music, and a lot of fun. we have got an update on a story from last night about a dog with cancer, expected to live a few more months, and many of you have stepped forward offering to adopt the dog, and she's a big old beauty. the bull mastiff, tipping the scales at 144 pounds and the owner says the landlord wants the dog gone right away. the owner is going through all the offers for adoption and hopes to make a decision this weekend. now to the story of the penguin who has adopt a human. this is dendum. a retired bricklayer in brazil found the penguin on the beach, covered in oil, and almost dead. the penguin comes back every year, searching out his
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rescuer, and they take walks together, eat together, cuddle together, and i don't think i have ever met anyone who had a love affair with a penguin in that way. >> no, you haven't. [ laughter ] >> quite the story. i mean i retweeted this some time ago, and look at the whole video. and he says he loves the penguin like a child, and the penguin comes back every year. that's amazing. >> where does the penguin do? >> he goes back to his peeps, and he comes back to visit when it's warm. >> half the time in the water, and half the time on land. >> that's pretty cool. did you break records today? >> we shattered records again, and they all went tumbling. we thought they would because the records we were breaking were lower. everyone broke the records, 76 was the record in martinsburg, and we were trying to break the pair of 78s in duel plus, -- dulles. 79 unless baltimore. 3-degree guarantee, and
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okay. we went with 80. okay, 79. we can live with that. i thought we may have back-to- back bull's-eye. tomorrow it could end up being a midnight temperature. it's 66. dew point in the 50s, and winds out of the south. they are breezy, too, and we are going to turn and be north westerly with the cold front coming through, and again f you saw the radar earlier, looking impressive in terms of the rain showers, and it will dry up as it rains through overnight a couple of showers into frederick, and possibly the best chance of showers would be frederick northward, and an earlier shower a few clouds in the morning, and that's about it. it ends up being a great day. bus stop temperatures, 55 to 65, mild and a slight chance of a shower in the morning, especially south of town. charles county, prince george's county, and cooler on saturday, and i did put a shower in on saturday, and a jacket is a good idea. milder and teat
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the upper 60s, and here it is, 6:00 in the morning, and a couple of hours, prince george's county, and by 9:00, we are thinning out, temperatures in the low 60s, and lunchtime, 65 downtown, and 66 in fairfax, and pretty good deal, actually. the day planner, increasing sun. 65 by 11:00, and 66 by 1 :00 p.m., and there is a drop on saturday. soccer games will be played, and lower temperatures on sunday, too. upper 60s and a shower is possible as well, and a good chance of showers and storms on monday, leftover shower on tuesday, and we are back in the 70s for wednesday and thursday. >> all right! >> following basketball, any upsets month. >> not yet, but maryland may be playing a team we did not expect in the quarters. quarter final play, th
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maryland terrapins say they understand the number of moments, games, and days together as a team
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and kristin is with the terps in indianapolis. >> reporter: frank, it's been a full day for the terps after getting their final preparation at college park. the team arrived safely at 6:00 this evening, and they were treated in the lobby by a nice surprise, the hotel staff and fans for a pep rally, but now it's time to put their game face back on. they have their sights set on the big 10 tournament title, and they are using this week to become a better team. >> i want us to start playing well and feeling better about ourselves. we have had a great year, but sometimes the expectations put a little too much on you, and if you don't win, the guys get down, and now it's a new season, and you know, you have seen past years when the teams like uconn and walker, and they have an up and down season, and they get hot at the right time and win the whole thing. we are looking for rhythm, trying to
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page, and each year we are trying to use it as a steppingstone. >> reporter: the action gets going for the terps tomorrow night at bankers' live field house. live coverage for you on wus a 9. frank, back to you. >> virginia getting the acc lover. the cavaliers facing georgia tech. a little trivia for you. the cavs' mascot's name is? the who! that's right, the who! early on it was anthony diehl there. malcolm, that's the big 3 for the game high 26. evan nolte with the triple, and after that, the guys were talking about the 3-point shot. >> that's what we needed, and we don't see much emotion out of malcolm really, but
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i feel like in the 1st half, the energy was down, and in the 2nd half, we imposed our will. >> we played defense like that, and at this point in the season, we think we are playing great defense, and it frustrates people, and you could tell they are getting tired throughout. >> game on on sunday morning, and 11:30, the special show, and the big 10 title game is at 5:30. all the brackets will be set up here on wusa 9. still waiting to hear who maryland will play tomorrow. could be nebraska who is pulling for the upset. >> nebraska is under .500, so yeah, we want them. >> we want the weaker team. [ laughter ]
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the commute is going
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okay? >> yeahnot worthy of the yellow weather alert. i did lower the temperatures a bit. your soccer games will be played, and milder on sunday with the chance of showers back in the 60s. the really best time for showers will be monday. grab your umbrella for monday. >> you smile when you talk about spending the weekend playing soccer games. >> i'm excited. the whole weekend is gone, and i'm excited about it. bye!
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